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Its not meaningless John, as obviously Einstein understood. Its just above your paygrade.

When we grasp vanilla ice cream, we begin to grasp the concept of God   There is no special case to the concept of vanilla ice cream, nor does my logic require a special circumstance, the concept of

I see the problem now. You were asserting your opinion like it was fact, and that brought out the skeptic reaction. You're certainly entitled to your opinion.

i am not sure i would agree that science is the religion of god.


science is an attempt to explain those things which we do not understand.


as a child, due to church, i had formed the reasoning that the universe was the devil's body and that was why we were born of sin. what a strange thought... that those who could look beyond themselves would replace the angels that had fallen from heaven. one day i realized that i was trying to use logic to ascertain what i was taught in a way that made sense. upon this realization, i became an athiest. as i got older i began to realize that humanity would never have all the answers before we faded into the past. even if we had all the time in the world, we are limited by what we can measure.


i am an athiest to this day.

however bloody a path religion may take, i must realize that disbanding it will not make a better place scince it is the people that commit crimes and not a word. who is to say that the arrogance of having knowledge will not produce the theme of a superior body of people. after all, hitler was striving for such things. why not let the poor suffer their own hand? what is logical can become something inhumane.


as scientists we must strive for proof. as people, we must realize that life is not only about the facts but also about the ability to make a mistake. it will be a cold day in ____ when someone tells me i am not allowed to believe in the cookie monster or santa clause. maybe i want to...

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"Thus all philosophy is like a tree, of which metaphysics is the root, physics the trunk, and all other sciences the branches that grow out of the trunk, which are reduced to three principal, namely medicine, mechanics, and ethics. By the science of morals, I understand the highest and most perfect which, presupposing an entire knowledge of the other sciences, is the last degree of wisdom" Rene Descartes

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The universal connectivity of energy has already been proved by science. The only question that remains is, what is the source? If the source is God, which I believe it is, then in reality we are all truly pantheists. Goethe stated it clearly, "The whole is greater than the sum total of the parts." I would only add, some parts are greater than others.

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Everything is energy, we are all of one energy. How we label that energy or its source is the only difference.

I have only just come across this thread, But I feel I could have wrote everyone of your posts in this thread, I completely agree with your train of thoughts.

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Are we not born with the power to choose? Shall we create or destroy? Who created this realm if not the creator? These ideas are at at the root of religious debate and I intend to do just that.



You keep saying creation and creator, I look at it as reality, does that mean we need a Realtor?

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