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heat and velocity

Ankit Gupta

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Just tried using a burning match. Hey, you can also try to do it. The fire just went out. It's just like blowing the match. Of course charcoal is different but the velocity of air is not the factor, instead, it is, as you have said, the flux of oxygen gas in contact with the flame.

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If you start moving the match, the flame will get more blue, indicating that the combustion is more complete. Right before it goes out (because you're moving it too fast, thus cooling it down), the flame will be quite blue, which shows that there is plenty of oxygen available.


It's actually easier to observe this by blowing onto the match right in front of you instead of waving that match around. Make sure not to set your eyebrows on fire. :)

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But won’t you be blowing carbon dioxide rather than oxygen onto the flame? huh.png

You don't exhale pure carbon dioxide. The air around us contain around 20% oxygen. Our bodies convert some of it to carbon dioxide, but our breaths still contain 14-16% oxygen (most accurate number I could find). And since you're basically "pushing" air towards the flame, it gets more oxygen.

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