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A freaky synopsis regarding dark matter and dark energy


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A freaky synopsis of my most recent lines of reasoning based on what I've learned about physics and reality.


Dark matter is a very mysterious name to give a thing. I decided to start thinking of these matter particles as non electromagnetic atoms, (NEMA's for short).

It just doesn't make sense to me that periodic scale should stop at Hydrogen as the smallest atom. According to what I've learned about big bang dynamics, both gravity and the strong force was released from the singularity before electromagnatism. Thus NEMA's probably existed prior to the proton.

These atoms are made up of nothing more than gravity, the strong force, and perhaps their heavier counterparts include the weak force.


If we could examine a star through a lenz that would filter out all of the electromagnetic particles and energies we would see only the dark matter atoms going through similar fission processes; whereby a dark matter atom with one gravaton will fission with another to produce a two gravaton element and a strong force shell with nothing in it. The shell probably evaporates into vacuum energy that anihilates itself and becomes the vacuum of space/time. ie, dark energy.


Closer to the core of large stars, the NEMA's would probably become to heavy to be stable in much the same way the heavier normal matter atoms become radioactive. Gravatons probably produce messons and quarks at or near the same time as the normal matter produces steal, and protons are probably forged in much the same way as gold and lead in the nova explosion.


Dark stars probably existed before the dawn of electromagnatism.

Inflation was probably a chain reaction of one "dark star" supernova causing the others to go nova and thus creating all the EM particles, of the standard model, in the universe and the super massive black holes that define the center of most galaxies.


All of these things had to have happened within fractions of a micro second. Another plane of relativity must have existed. If normal matter is regulated by the speed of light, plack length, and the speed of proton vibration then it makes perfect sense that the sub-hydrogen atom entities should be governed by the length and speed of gravatron vibrations.


If I'm right the near future should express a sub-periodic table of elements and give us a good theory on how gravity works. This idea might help explain the mechanics of nova explosions and how the higgs boson creates mass.






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Interesting speculation, but I wouldn't call these proton-less composite particles of yours "atoms", as atoms require protons to be atoms. Neutronium, for example - the hypothetical proton-less "element 0" (not officially regocnised) is not considered atomic. I wouldn't even go so far as calling your "NEMAs" dark matter. It's well accepted that dark matter does not consist of hadrons, and the only other composite particles are atomic matter, which always contain protons.

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