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Is the god thing a symptom of thickness or what?

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I know it's an agressive title but here's the thing;


Whenever you get a God bothere in discussion and explain how it's utterly obvious that the world is billions of years old and how you can test the theory of evolution they are sooooo deliberatly ignorant and uncomprehending that it's either that they are lying or they are more thick than I can grasp.


I don't know which is worse. I would welcome some other less nasty take on it. I have a very low impression of my fellow man but would like to hold a better one.

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To be fair, not every religious person is a creationist who denies evolution.


And also to be fair, creationism offers a much quicker road to understanding than science does. For those who had trouble with biology in school, pearls of wisdom like, "If we evolved from monkeys, why do we still have monkeys" offer easily digestible sound bytes that let them dismiss hundreds of hours of study and reading.


And they don't even have to read their own Bible, they just have to learn to parrot what their mentors tell them. I've seen more than a few creationists misquote their own holy book because scriptures were bent to serve an agenda. So it's not really thickness, it's laziness. There are a lot of people these days who don't like to read and just want their education in small doses. So they trade accuracy and depth for convenience. It's magazine mentality.

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