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Seeing Black Holes

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Has anyone seen this show on Science Channel? It was run several times. It tells of an effort to see the "shadow" of the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. They are using giant radio telescopes all across the US and maybe other countries, and using a super computer to figure it out.


This is also the program that I incorrectly thought I heard an astronomer say that past the event horizon matter is accelerated faster than light speed. What he actually said was space itself accelerates into the black hole faster than light speed. He also mentioned an "inner" event horizon in the black hole where matter crashes into space or matter, or whatever, between the 2 event horizons, I think.


Does anyone know more about this inner event horizon? Also does anyone know the current progress towards seeing the SBH at the center of our galaxy?

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Any description of what happens inside a black hole is very speculative. Gen. Rel. and quantum theory are both needed and they marry well.

Think you might have had a typo and missed out a "do not" - GR and QM do not marry well at all

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We cannot "see" or directly image the photons from Sagiatius*, the SMBH at the center of the Milky Way. The accretion disk is a busy place and too much interstellar dust absorbs the photons. However, radio telescopes can penetrate the cloud of dust and get an image this way.

Here are some links to the event horizons of a rotating black hole:



The ergosphere is the point where no particle can rotate opposite to the singularity.

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