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Chaos in Electric Circuits Ideas

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I have a diode, an inductor (basically a coil) mounted on a breadboard which is connected to an oscillator from which I can alter the frequency, the dc offset and the source voltage, and it is also connected up to a an Oscilloscope. So I was wondering if anybody could come up with an interesting experiment to perform related to chaos in this electrical circuit and/or encoding/decoding signals.


I have already done a simple experiment where I increased the source voltage and measured the points at which bifurcations in the voltage oscillations on the CRO display occurred (period-doubling bifurcations, windows of order etc). One idea I have is to connect another "chaos circuit" part (the inductor and diode) up to the other inductor-diode set up and try to determine whether the signal produced as shown on the CRO signifies true chaotic nature of the diode-inductor system - i.e. observing whether a sine wave output is returned to the screen indicating that the circuit is not exhibiting true chaos.



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That'll work - I'll try to formulate a plan to study something to do with a simple Chua's circuit, maybe measuring the voltage across the capacitors on the oscilloscope and objserving the lissajous figures to identify bifurcations as the source voltage is increased. Something like that anyway.

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