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Fish behaviors

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This is how our ancestors left the ocean, they began it to scape from predators, but then they evolved to something similar to crocodriles (the saurosuchus if i remember correctly).


These fishes seem to live in places like the the flooded rainforest of brazil (like the makaws), because there is a tree inside the river and says something about tropical river + they seem to be migrating because the flood is going to begin (the description of the video sais that they are migrating), furthermore, the children at the end of the video seem latin american. In this place there is a fish that does the same, but penis upwards (candidú), and it's not the words species there, if you see the documentaries of the 60 most dangerous species, there is a giant candidú that bites everything that moves (the piranha is the one that takes the fame, but it's done by another fish). and as there are a lot of them, they can eat a cow very kickly.

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The rivers current is strong.. maybe they were gradually making their way up stream on the sides of the river towards the mating grounds or got stuck as they were gradually making their way up stream towards the mating grounds... we can all interpret the data differently.

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