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if light cannot be fine-tuned..why = it coupled to 3-d?


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The speed of light within a medium declines as far as I am told only within a medium, but is the same always with every pinball machine trajectory, but does it come out of the medium in a delayed manner? I mean like light that moves through a perfect diamond? I am asking this because I read that some very rubbery materials absorb alot of energy from a photon while it is cascading through it.

Is light a "pulse shaped particle" when it interferes with a diamond and gets scattered around? And is it otherwise a sinus wave moving through a vacuum? In latter case, moving faster?


If light can not be fine-tuned and is always the same whatever the situation, does this mean that our 3-d space is also not fine-tuned? I am asking this because our 3-d space as we visually experience it is coupled to time since einstein.



And they say when light moves through really slow media, like molasses sort of speak, it loses energy.

What happens to to the photon's energy when it gets halted to a stop?

What happens to a wavicle when it stops losing momentum? Does it turn into mass or into heat? Since it is both a particle and energy? Or is it only a particle when it interferes with other particles and only energy when it moves through a vacuum?

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