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Serious Writers Wanted


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Still being tweaked but it's essentially ready to go.


I'm looking for regular contributors who can write a couple of hundred objective words every 1-2 weeks, and the occasional larger article, on issues relating to [acr=Intellectual Property Rights]IPR[/acr], piracy, and so forth.


As compensation for your time you'll receive solid gold replacements for your legs, and a house brick.

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"I want my legs sawed off!"


Who wouldn't? After all, it's the perfect way to skip school gym. Even though, with legs of pure gold you don't want to say "Want a piece of me?!" to people anymore.


The site however, seems quite interesting. But as I know very little of legislature and illegal activities (no wait, those I know about) and didn't even know what "demagoguery" means before seeing that page, I think I'll pass. :o

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