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Speed of light

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Imagine a spaceship traveling at 99% speed of light. Inside the capsule there is a gun. when it fires, space time will be warped so that the time around the bullet is reduced to such an extent that it doesn't break the speed limit. But what if instead of a gun, a flashlight was lit?

Would it emit light like usual?

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does that mean when the speed of bullet is .9c+v, speed of the light emitted from flashlight is c+c=c?



No it means that the speed of the bullet is


[math]\frac{.9c +v}{1+ \frac{.9c(v)}{c^2}}[/math]


And the light is emitted at


[math]\frac{c + .9c}{1+ \frac{.9c©}{c^2}} = c[/math]

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