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global relativity hypo, just thinking.


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I was just sitting here on the couch thinking about things like "The electro magnetic force is infinite. and that time and distance are relative.

And I started thinking that perhaps there's a sub-micro plane expanding faster than our macro plane. From a macro plane perspective this would be seen as an inward force.

Then I thought about it some more and I figure that perhaps a single proton click governs general relativity for the macro perspective. and that a single click of a preon governs general relativity for the micro world, and that perhaps a single click of the gravaton governs relativity for the sub-micro world.

The strong force that holds the governing particles together (gravatron, quark, proton) acts as four dimensional thresholds between relative perspectives in a more global perspective of space and time.


Now I imagine that if the gravaton perspective is expanding faster than the quark perspevtive, and the quark perspective is expanding faster than the proton perspective; then from this (our) macro perspective gravity and the strong force would be idealized as an inward force.


Perhaps; as a hyper nova explosion expands the inward force becomes so great that it is converted into a prehistoric condition of relativity. Macro general relativity exists only outside of the pulling force of the black hole. If the hypothesis is correct there should be a layer of threshold particles (protons and quarks) showering the macro universe.


I wonder if there are any credible theories similar to this hypothesis.











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I figure each threshold particle represents a new spacial dimension in space time. If you want to look at this phenominon in reverse you need only watch a 3 dimensional star get sucked into a 2 dimensional disk (black hole) and then eventually a 1 dimensional state (black hole jet) and finally it becomes nothing more than points (particles) of reference floating in the more wide spread field of 4 dimensional reality.

The speed of light:

say light travels from point a to point b in macro space; we then calculate the time it took to figure it's speed.

To calculate the speed of light in micro space we'd need calculate the square area of the circumfrance of that sphere from a to b and then

transform it into the square area of circle. Call the farthest points on this circle C and D.The light exists in every spacial point in the sphere and also exists in every spacial point in the circle so the distance traveled is the same relative to the spacial dimensions of each domain.


You may have to figure in some kind of energy coeficient. Similar to the one about a guy weighing 60 pounds doesn't eat half as much as a guy weighing 120 pounds. The distance would be similar to the guy;s size. I don't know any other way to say what i'm trying to say here. I'm sure you guys have some size energy ratio formulas to try.

Just thinking.

If you find the formula you'll be able to figure out which particles belong to which spatial domain.

a special note: energy moves faster than time wherefore the domain particles are probably born from some echo harmonics within the relative spacial domain.


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When there are oscillations in the hyperfine states of the quantum graviton field, the particle wavefuctions are actually perfect hyper-spheres in the Calabi-Yau manifold of subspace at the order of the Planck Length. When this happens, interdimensional phasing occurs which can adjust the amount the particle field is spread through the many worlds. If the field density shift occurs such that the shift puts more of the field excitement in our world, a particle appears! That's how pair production works! This, of course, is all complete gibberish with sciency words.....just like your posts.

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In mine theory boson w-, boson w+, and boson w0 are just "clouds of elementary particles made of source and target particles hit in accelerator" (or in radioactive particle beta decay- just as big as down quark etc.). They exist fraction of time, as long as it's needed to form "the best matching" lighter stable particles from them. "The best matching" of course depends on how massive were source particles. It's impossible to create something bigger if there is not enough matter. Otherwise conservation of energy and matter would be broken.


In today post I showed process of decay of example Pion+ at elementary particles level.


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A radio transmition begins at a single point and expands as a three dimensional sphere that is interpreted by the listener according to an instant to instant two dimensional memprane that is relative to a one dimensional ray that determines distance and position. The photons are moving at the speed of light wherefore they exist outside of the expansion of the space and time that devides them.





No transmetter, no wave.

That which is possible is probable. Opinions spin. When a loved one dies it is very sad but the ants and the beatles shall feast.

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