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time travel and parallel universe

md sayeedul

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we all know of the mother paradox regarding time travel.what if I say that we don't travel to our own past......smile.png..rather we travel to an alternate universe where the time is running behind our time.then there is no chance any paradox......smile.png...

You're all set then...


...just make sure your mother never traveled there first

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I was thinking about time travels to the past before mine main theory and came to following conclusions:

- if time travel is possible then somebody or something will be subtracted (its mass) from the Universe in the moment of beginning of time travel. It means Universe is lighter than it was before. Let's call it time t1.

- now we're moving to the past in the same Universe (as long as there is just one, no multiple Universes)- and something or somebody mass is added at time t0 - Universe is growing up, is heavier than it was. t0 < t1. But thing or somebody was there already in that form or another (atoms were used to other things, rocks, or bodies of animals that we eat etc.)

- now imagine that we're waiting dt = t1-t0 and repeating this process. f.e. dt = 1 hour.

in t0 there are appearing 2,3,4,5,6 instances of somebody or something, (....), repeat over and over again and there is infinite mass... because infinite number of exactly the same simultaneously existing atoms.

This process would end up in creating black hole at time t0..

Let's assume that multiple Universes are possible.

In such scenario- source Universe is making lighter, the more people or things abandon it, and target Universe is making heavier.

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