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Strange intracranial sensations ?

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Hi, this year i was diagnosed as having had cartilage build up on my left side, specially on the muscle running into the heart, which had moved one morning and resulted in arrhythmia and so forth. Anyway, i have since had sensations that had felt like they were centred in the middle of my brain. Ive had a CT scan, which turned up nothing and my blood pressure is fine. The sensations have felt like sort of slightly pulsating, with tingling regions, moving around in the area of what has felt like my insula cortex, temporal/pariental lobe regions as well as some in the occipital lobe and some in the prefrontal cortex. So basically throughout the middle region(s) of my head, through these areas. Its felt like a little bubble of pressure right in the centre of my head, but has moved around and has been accompanied by slight headaches. However, i havent been sick or had blackout of any kind. Also, the ridding of the cartilage has allowed increased blood flow, after 10 years of build up, specifically in my brains left hemisphere. So, in consideration of this, i was wondering if anyone could give me an explanation as to what this weird pressure is...


Could a change in blood flow to the brain after an extended period of time cause such sensations..


p.s. Something its been like wanting to stick a needle or something like that into my head and releasing the it (the pressure that is). Like that.

and im not sure if its getting better or worse, just feels weird.



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