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higs the expanding universe and the missing mass

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ok i have an hypothesis and i don't have any way to test it nor do i have the right kind of know how. however i think i may know why the stars ext are speeding up away from the 'big bang' to use the most simple term


ok first i will set out the asumtions i am using (based on papers i have read writen by peaple much more knoligeble than i


1. the universe is expanding

2. the stars and outer matter is speeding up

3. the higs field give's the matter mass

4. the energy of the higs field is finite


so my hypothesis go's like this:-

as the universe expands the higs participial that make up the higs field are sped thinner this has the effect of lowering the mass a partial has. as it has less higs partials locally to interact with.

so my hypothesis is that the increase of the valosity of the matter is due to the loss of mass wile keeping the energy that was moving it previously .

it is also poseble this could explain some of the 'missing mass' from the universe its not that we carnt find it but that matter had more mass in the past.



if anyone out there can use this feel free as i can not

if anyone know's of a resion why i am or may be wrong feal free to post it (rather not live in ignorance)


nb: if this leads to a brake threw or somthing for someone please let me know i dont want credit or anything but i would at least like to know about it

ps sorry if this is in the wrong aria new here

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for some resion i can not edit the post now its bean moved so i am adding here that i welcome any ides related to this. as well as comments

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