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Why do men have shorter life-spans than women?

Mr Rayon

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in evolutionary terms females should at the age of 40 run out of eggs

That they do not is very sad for the guy they married, because his sperm is still ready to impregnate 18 year old females from then on.

I am not joking in case you wondered. Impregnating 17 year old girls is biologically the healthiest way to induce offspring.

This may sound rather pedophile, but that is merely a modern moral system humans adopted, disregarding the facts.

Females are most fertile between 17-25 years of age. Actually they are fertile from the moment on they are having their period.

How much this makes me puke, nature can not be wrong.

The only answer can be that they rust less faster than males. Oxygen somehow does not get to them as fast as with males. It is a telomere issue in the end.

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the above article suggests that there is a trade-off between reproduction and longevity. Men pay a big price for male hormone.



Anybody got any other alternative suggestions why this is the case?

The data does not differentiate significantly enough to make sound the conclusions of the article.

Eunuchs have good life of leisure, low stress, low monetary procurement desires.

Long life could just as well be based on these traits.**

**male longevity

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