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New and looking for fun experiments


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if you are a beginner as in just started to study chemistry, and you are looking for experiments you can do at home, I'll suggest trying to make hot ice. Easily to buy ingredients, but still challenging to make it work. Look up "hot ice" on Google.


If you have some experience in the theoretical side of chemistry, and have a school lab to carry out your experiments, I'd suggest making a double salt (like alum or ferrous ammonium sulfate). Still challenging, but very safe and fun.

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Take some vinegar and put it into an empty two-liter soda bottle. Next, take some purple cabbage leaves and boil them in a little bit of water (the deeper the color the better) Mix the purple cabage water with the vinegar (note the interesting change), then throw in some baking soda. (Note another interesting change)

Hope this helps!

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