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can anyone help me with modelling of systems. i want to model a physical system and load it into computer for some simulation and testing purpose. the physical system includes two non-interacting vessels whose independent levels must be controlled through simulation in software like matlab. if i could get the basic idea on computer modelling of systems, it will be helpful for me to develop from it. the flow, pressure and volume can be adjusted or varied. two vesels contain different liquids.

thanks in advance. please respond if anyone has got even a little or basic idea. thanks

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Hi Tinku. Myself as well as many others here at SFN can help you with your quest. I am a software engineer by trade with over 10 years of professional engineering experience. I suggest learning C++ and / or C# so that you can work with a graphics API such as DirectX or one of the high level APIs like Ogre or XNA in order to bring your models to life with 3D rendering. I mainly program cross-platform engines, but I recommend that you start with Windows or Linux and read the API documentation and study several source code examples. You can simply google "C++ DirectX Tutorial" and find a wealth of knowledge that can help get you started. I've also responded to your PM and am willing to provide guidance through our private and public conversations. You can also download the programming tools for free on the internet. C++ / C# express can be obtained from Microsoft and gcc with KDevelop can be obtained on a Linux platform. As for Matlab or Mathematica, you can use them to model the math. However, nothing beats custom programming for the application you wish to develop.

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