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sodium hydorxode absorbing moisture

vivek pingle

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I am facing a problem.


I am trying to manufacture drainage cleaning materials.


For that one of the chemicals used is Sodium hydroxide.


But it absorbs moisture the moment it comes in contact with air.


It absorbs moisture when i am trying to pack ii in the 50gm pouches.


Can some one help me as to how to prevent this.


How to prevent sodium hydroxide from absorbing moisture.


I need help over this very urgently as all my raw materials are getting wasted due to this.



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Move to Phoenix. Lol. If naoh is exposed to humid air, it's gonna absorb water. End of story. As far as I'm aware, all you can do is dry the air, limit exposure to air, remove the air, or find something more hygroscopic than the naoh, which won't be too easy... That's why I keep half a pound of KO handy. It's fun stuff. You could try sulphuric, but it's not a good idea to be near when a good amount of it mixes with naoh... Try whatever works for you. Be safe.

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