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chem, combustion, reaction balanceing


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the question asks for the a balanced equation based on the reactants as seen below

C12 H22O11 + O2-----> ????

because it is a combustion equation it has to be

C12 H22O11 + O2-----> H2O+ CO2

then I start balancing and arrive at C12 H22O11 + O2-----> 11H2O+ 12CO2

this means I have 12 carbon and 22 hydrogen on both sides. but then oxygen happens I only have 13 on my reactants side and I have 35 on my product side.

I have no idea what to do next


someone on the IRC told me I need to change the molar coefficient of the O2.

which was all I needed to arrive at C12 H22O11 + 12O2-----> 11H2O+ 12CO2

so I guess this thread is going to be removed or closed or something....

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