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Amanda Todd's suicide

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A Vancouver-area teen who used YouTube to share her heart-wrenching story of being bullied online and beaten at school has killed herself, unleashing a torrent of social media condolences and soul-searching.

Amanda Todd was found dead in Coquitlam on Wednesday night, less than a month before her 16th birthday.

News of her torment and death are being shared on social media through Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, where #RIPAmanda is trending.

"I'm saddened to see that this was the only [way] this young girl could escape such torment. May she rest in peace," posted one woman on Facebook.


What does everyone here think about teen suicide?
Could Amanda Todd's death have been prevented?
If you were with her in her last moments, what would you have said to prevent her from committing suicide? Edited by Mr Rayon
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In responding to the OP, and the circumstances of any particular person committing suicide, my heart-felt emotional surge rises in the moment. It is sad, most sad, that such will happen (suicide, that is) regardless of any state, or putative cause. I lost a dear and very loving sister in that manner. (Bipolar had been doing its evil work for some 10 or more years, and it finally took over.)


As for bullying, I personally think that is too, is too bad--a blemish in social animals which we humans, one would think, would have overcome by now; alas. As for whether her suicide attempt could have been prevented, I would surely answer in the positive. That, however, is not talking about the moment of the act, or even the events of the week in which it built up to that, but in the whole history and social environment in which such a situation accumulated.


Without a whole lot of further details, the last question is totally unanswerable in any realistic way. It is a sad event, indeed.

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