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Rosaries being worn?


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For a quick response, if you will, probably there is no absolute answer. I envisage this due to the possible fact that it may depend on the person and the social in-grouping of a person doing so. It may also depend on the actual make up of the beads themselves. To the best of my knowledge the 'prayer beads' (or 'worry beads') were prevalent in Buddhism and Hindism before they were taken up into the Roman Catholic tradition. Here in Japan today, if one were to wear a set of beads around their neck which were clearly of the make up of those used for the Mahayana theist-involved Buddhist system here, most likely few would give it much further thought than 'that person's trying to show off in bad taste now, isn't (s)he!'


The word 'anti-god' stands to be corrected, actually, however. The far better word choice for the general situation--and possibly what you might have wanted in such general case--would be 'blasphemous' ( or possibly 'sacrilegious'). Additionally, in that the contextual setting (though greatly lacking in background information) appears, at least, to be in reference to Roman Catholicism, it may also be possible you could have used 'anti-God.' The former suggestions, however, would be the more commonly registered-at-first-sight ideas by the readership at large; I would think.


If this is a serious question in regards to any idiosyncratic attire, or dressing habit, I would suggest that one probably shouldn't worry about what some stricter folks of that theist-involved religious belief system sect thought. Go ahead and alter your fashion to your artistic whims.

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Is wearing rosary beads around your neck antigod?

Being anti-God is an attitude of the heart, which may or may not be present when you do anything else.


That being said, rosary beads are not to be worn as if they were jewelry. Certainly you are free to do so, but it merely shows that you don't really understand the rosary.

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Having grown up Roman Catholic, I never heard of any prohibition against wearing a rosary as a necklace, but it would probably be frowned upon (or it would have been when I was a kid). They are not considered sacred, although some have been "blessed". I've seen them tossed in drawers, slung over bedposts, hung from the wall, piled on a night stand, etc.


Funny thing though, the word "bead" originally meant "prayer", then a "prayer bead", and finally the small, pierced item we now know as a "bead" without any religious significance whatsoever.

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