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Your Home is being Robbed!


What "Force" would YOU use?  

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  1. 1. What "Force" would YOU use?

    • None
    • Minimun required
    • Extreme
    • Lethal

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Stating whether or not the law agrees ex post facto with your actions in [insert random country/state here'] is not answering the question.


Perhaps not but the idea of reasonableness, also part of the law in the U.S., does take into account why different people might have very different but perfectly reasonable answers to the question.


What might be reasonable force for a 26 year old male kickboxer to use might actually be quite different for a 96 year old grandma confined to a wheelchair. It also might very much depend upon what the householder can glean about the intent of the intruder.


If the intruder wants my TV, he can have it. If he want's my computer, I going to put up a fight. If he intends to rape me, I will kill him if I cannot escape.

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id like to say that i would want to use the minimum required to end the encounter. but in reality, if your home is being robbed while you and your family is in it then your instincts will be different, mine included. as long as the intruder is mobile, he can inflict damage.


what id like to think id do is make enough noise so that he knows someone is in the house. im willing to bet that that will normally be enough to scare someone away. not too many people want to get caught. and if im an intruder, i know that a confrontation could end with someone being shot. intruder included. if the noise didnt scare him off then i would shout to him and let him know that there was a gun in the house and id use it if he didnt leave.


of course, in every instance, i would want to have a gun available just in case. and in every instance your first act should be to call the 5-0.

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It would vary,

do I have children in the house?

Are there one or more of them breaking in?

Do they have visable arms?

How do I know they are burglars?


My response would vary depending on the circumstances,

in general I would go for 'minimum required' with caveats for

circumstances including the above. I've heard of people who've found burglars in their house and just walked up to about 5 meters away and called out, 'while you're busy pinching my stuff how about a cuppa tea', and this guy was about 90 not quite the intimidating prescence.

The burglar just up and ran for his/her life.


The psycho 'SAS-tough' pcp-munching homocidal burglar is I think

more myth than reality, at least in Australia and Sweden.


That said if six dudes with assault rifles broke into my place :eek: ,

I'd be hiding in the sleeping-bag's bag on the top shelf of the built in

wardrobe. :)


It's not called running it's called eluding. :cool:



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I have also had a guy from the 'rebels' bikie gang ( about 6'4 100 + kgs) came after a roomate ,almost had no choice but to to take lethal action ( using dumbells ) as my friends life ( about half my size ) was in grave danger but instead I diverted his attention to me and by that time , a neighbour came down about his size ( who knew him ) and it was over .


This was because of a mistaken identity when he was on a drunken rampage and decided to force his way into my flat .

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