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Man builds a machine that seems to go on forever


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When forever arrives, and it's still going, I'll get interested.


One of the aspects of so-called perpetual motion machines is that, even making them a just little more efficient allows the extra energy to be extracted, and thus, a source of limitless energy.

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Very short on details, and even locked up in a safe so no one can find out how it works. So that, plus the slick production, makes one wary. But a very interesting concept involving a tilted drive wheel having a ball race at its rim, which imparts momentum to "pedal hoops" disposed in the race path, and the pedal hoops drive three pendulums suspended from the drive wheel. The rolling ball passes under suspended magnets which somehow connect to an undisclosed mechanism hidden in a central shaft, which connects to the tilted drive wheel to keep the ball always just past the apogee of the race path, starting to roll downhill. The yin yang symbol is said to represent a "free force" which this machine demonstrates. It ran for 3 days and lost only 1/25 of a second (so says the video anyway) without any forcing. The inventor, Reidar Finsrud of Norway, has a good aesthetic sense ( http://www.galleri-finsrud.no/), and this is indeed a beautiful idea. Note that this machine has been known (although not totally disclosed) since 1996. The inventor does not claim a perpetual motion machine nor a free energy generator (over-unity device). This is a super-efficient machine that may be harvesting some ambient energy source to offset friction and air resistance and other dissipation. Like the mechanical fountain of youth.

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Multiple alarms go off on this one. Too slickly presented, the machine if too highly polished, just for starters.


I used to work at a place that attracted many inventors. They would often tell me vague details of their latest invention.

I would guess how it worked, I wasn't supposed to do that, please don't tell anyone, the patent is pending. Never told.

I cannot figure this one out.


Does the Casimir Effect ring a bell? No, because you can't get any energy out. Vacuum energy is not.

I could explain in more detail, I did on another forum when the notion was popular, but I won't if not asked.


I would not put any money in this one. What will you get if you put Rin-tin-tin and Lassie and this together?


Two money makers and a dog.

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