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Membrane protein storage and stability

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I am currently reconstituting the light activated proton pump bacteriorhodopsin into giant unilamellar vesicles. It is important that I dissolve the protein in diethyl ether in order for the procedure to work. I was wondering if it is safe to make a stock solution to store bacteriorhodopsin in for an extended period of time(on the order of months)? If anyone has any insight on what factors might come into play or if they know from experience that it is safe or not it would be greatly appreciated.





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Depends on a lot of factors and unfortunately I do not have experience with long-term storage of bacteriorhodopsin. The good thing about storing it the way you propose is that proteolytic activities are probably low. However, I am not sure whether it will fold correctly in solution after long-term incubation in a solvent.

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I'm not sure that storing it in ether for a long period of time will be a good idea. As CharonY has stated, the ether is probably going to alter the fold over time. Why can't you just store it in 25% glycerol suspension like normal?

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