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Perfect Working Group

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Suppose one fine day in future, people gather up to form a perfect working group. What

characteristics would that group have?



Would it have strong or weak hierarchy, would it be faced to promote relaxed working

environment or would it be faced to encourage members to work hard and to expose

their best to outer world, would it be seamless across all segments or would it allow

deviations in particular areas, would it accept new members, what rights would members

have, how would it compare to today's most popular firm organizations, how important

money would be, ... and stuff like that?


I'm really curious about Ur opinions :|

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since ,you mentioned it to be perfect working group,obviously it must be working for the reason it got formed.In sense that every group when formed will have it's own sole pupose

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Is this our chance to put things right: https://groups.googl...rum/free-nation ?


(Free Nation is an initiative to gather up over web to form a perfect working community.

It is a try to even more elevate human aspects of business relationships between each

member or group.)

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Indeed, tries are attempted to interest people about "Free Nation" while trying not to compromise collaboration attitude i'm trying to breath into the project.


It started as idea of gathering open source crews to bring a decent open source cloud OS and wide palette of quality cloud apps. As I entertain sympathies for open source because it does promote creativity of individuals, i thought it might be a good idea to catch that revolutionary "occupy ..." flame and make also an complementary experiment to apply open source philosophy to manufacturing, service providing, teaching, or any value providing workgroup. This might be the right time for it.


If these workgroups would know about each other, they could mutually support each other, knowing that used services are babies of healthy environment in which every individual is considered as valuable and important person in her workgroup. I'm pretty certain that this approach could successfully apply to open source software workgroup system and i would like to interest other kinds of workgroups to give it a chance.


I'm trying to propose an graphic online tool for organizing new workgoups, planning structural relationships between these and simply maintaining index of these. This tool needs yet to be defined firstly. Current stage of the project is setup of starting strategy, so creative help is needed. If U're interested, here is the link i've already shared with U:


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