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let's play figure out the radix!!


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You need to break down 23 or any number in a place-holder system. The number 576 in decimal is interpreted without thinking - but what does it represent?


[math] 576_{10} = (5*10^2) + (7*10^1) + (6 *10^0) [/math]


in general


[math] 576_x = (5*x^2) + (7*x^1) + (6 *x^0) [/math]


You can then just rearrange your question into a nice polynomial which you solve for x. That said I must be missing something cos I cannot get yours to work - maybe I am just having a brain fade.

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Imfataal, the reason you're having trouble is:

Assuming his radix is an integer.

[math]23_x = 2x + 3 = 2(x+1) + 1 = 2n+1 [/math] Is odd.

[math]111100010_2[/math] is even.


Either his radix is not an integer (rational solution to [math]2x+3 = 482[/math]) or there's a transcription error somewhere.

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