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x2 − 92y2 = 1 math challenge?

The Architekt

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Is the same as Rapist, to Typist...


Murder is a bad thing, rape is also a bad thing.


Through and Through simple and simple...




should not be exempt, this has nothing to do with comments, its the fact people will get offended by this, some just rather not say it...


The definition of a








Murderator they seem not to know for some odd reason, perhaps I was not clear...




Moderator Note

OK, dude, you need to calm down. Staff gets to choose their user titles, and ecoli chose some word play on the title "Moderator". Your reports have all been discussed, and the ones with merit have been acted upon. The ones without merit have not been ignored, but there has been no action taken because they deserved none.


Criticizing your ideas or your presentation is NOT a personal thing. It's what science does to make sure any evidence presented is sound and trustworthy.


The staff used something I think you may find of intrest here is what they stated:



Criticizing your ideas or your presentation is NOT a personal thing. It's what science does to make sure any evidence presented is sound and trustworthy. Which of coarse you made fun of me using the same word sound. I would like to see you tell this staff member what you told me about demensionally sound units and or numbers, like I explained to you and others here whom accused me of not making sense. [/modtip]



this was your comment to me, remember????



If you were thinking that typing this would clear up any confusion, you're sadly mistaken.


What's a "demonsionally sound values"? Sounds like something that would come out of a guitar being played by the Pick of destiny






I'm not really an E. coli either and I'm assuming you aren't the architect of the Matrix. Don't be so sensitive, I was only joking.

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Moderator Note

Architekt, enough. You are not the one who makes decisions as to who is allowed or not allowed to answer your posts. If you want to make that decision, go and open your own blog, where you can censor whoever you want.

As it goes, you are NOT on your own blog, you are in a shared forum, as many a-staff and a-members have already told you, repeatedly.

Stop reporting every member whose answer you dislike. We respond when matters get offensive - not when people get offended from every syllable someone else emits. Please take into consideration this is an OPEN FORUM, and people WILL answer you. As long as it is in a civil matter (which it is so far) you should stop being so defensive, and start cooperating with the actual discussion.

You are also not the one who makes decisions about people's acceptable usernames. If the way we run this forum, and what we allow in it, offends you, then you can simply go away. You signed up to this forum and when you did, you agreed to its rules. It's time you follow them. I'm sorry, but this is non negotiable, and you arguing about whether or not you like them doesn't help the discussions you participate in.

If you have complaints about the way this forum is run, use the report button, or contact the Administrators by emailing staff@scienceforums[dot]net

Please don't make matters worse by responding to this moderation note.

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Hiiiii.... new here!!! I'm a high school student and I kinda just used my simple knowledge about algebra and I got y =0 and x= 1 ... I dont know if its correct but it seems to apply....🙃

On 7/17/2012 at 10:10 PM, ecoli said:

cool, any high school student can now consider themselves a mathematician.

Hi... I'm new here... and like in the quote I'm a high school student🤣... I kinda just used my simple knowledge about algebra and I got x =1 and y=0 (which is probably a mental sum)... I did seem to fit into the equation though..... I dont know whether its correct😃😃😃

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[math] \frac x^{2}{1^2} - \frac y^{2}{\frac {1}{ \sqrt {92}^2} [/math]

and this is just hyperbola's equation.


therefore, it is one of quite simple curves :) :) 

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to the editor, there is no suitable code for "root" expression in your latex tutorial reelvant thread. or I could not see it. sorry.
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The only thing "The Architect" has definitely shown is that he is NOT a mathematician!  (And I am inclined to hope he is also NOT an architect- I would hate to have to live on an upper floor or a building he designed.)

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