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Pharmacology or Pharmacy?


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  1. 1. Of the two, which would you prefer?

    • Pharmacology
    • Pharmacy

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I hope there are some pharmacists and pharmacologists on this site. I have narrowed my choice to the two but can't yet decide. I've herd pharmacology is better than pharmacy based on the type of work, but pharmacists get paid more. Which has the better prospects? I live in Canada, if that makes any difference.

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It's up to you I'm in Australia so I'm not sure how much difference there will be. I'm currently studying pharmacy (from a medicinal chemistry background). From my experience, I would say that pharmacists probably have wider job opportunities (i.e. can do a lot of pharmacology stuff, as well as being a registered health professional). Pharmacists roles are also quite varied, from industrial pharmacy (within organisations such as the TGA, FDA, etc., Poisons info line, etc etc) to the more familiar hospital and community pharmacy. Pharmacists may also work in peoples homes conducting services such as home medication reviews and in some circumstances (e.g. rural pharmacy) can apply for prescribing numbers.


Pharmacologists would probably find most work in pharma industry or in other research organisations. I think your main factors for consideration in choosing would be based on weather you want a more research based job like pharmacology, or a more working with people/clients and putting pharmacological concepts into practice as with pharmacy.


If you really can't decide I would choose pharmacy because you can always fall back onto pharmacology if you don't like it (after all, what is a pharmacist without pharmacology).

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I would imagine that pharmacology is probably more intellectually satisfying, but pharmacy is better paid...


That's my guess as well. My Dad knows someone that's a pharmacist and apparently he started at 57 something an hour, and he doesn't even run his own shop. I know it's "cool" to talk about how money isn't important and you should just do something you enjoy, but I disagree. I think money IS very important and everyone knows it whether they want to admit it or not.

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