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The human perception factor


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Something I have always enjoyed looking at and pondering about ever since I was a child, was optical illusions. They captivated me, as if saying "What you see is different than how I look." They can seem to be doing all sorts of crazy things like motion, transforming, etc.

After many years of thinking I have come to the conclusion that the reason optical illusions exist is because our brains are wired (through evolution) to perceive things they have encountered.

Our brains are not developed enough to look at an optical illusion and see it as a 2-d object. It registers something close to a 3-d object and automatically labels it as such.

Everything around us is perceived on our terms, not natures.


Whether we are born with the ability to recognize a human face or learn to, you can look at the moon and see a man.

Our brains have evolved so that they interpret information relative to us. Special relativity, if you understand it can somewhat be applied here. The theoretical sense at least, as you can make conversions with numbers but not people thoughts and views.

Although our view is false as to what we are seeing, we are still looking at a constant and only perceiving it wrong.




The point of my human perception factor theory

As for the generalized human race, we see something and fit it to our personal liking so we may understand it best. But in the process we cut off too much information.


As we have devised a mathematical language to understand the physical workings of things, the more complex it gets; the crazier we perceive it.

Theirs nothing special about quantum physics, its just easier to say that than admit we don't know what exactly were looking at.


And yes I know I'm crazy ;)

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