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Is there a reson why there are closing the departmentS? maybe there is insufficient intake of chemistry studentS? and allowing the department to continue would greatly result in the waste of resources of the school? Maybe the university wants to specialise? That are the possibilities. But if that is the case, it would be a big waste. Because chemistry has always been relevant and important in the past, present and will be in the future. Taking it away, is like depriving an opportunity to develop new talents.


what a waste.


JUst my thoughts, gene

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I would have thought all the sciences at some point rely on each other to further their knowledge. They all have their place and are equaly important. I had a similar experience with electronics when the place I studied at decided to take the grant and do computing instead. :-(

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i dont think it is right, for some students that will be very bad news.


at the same time remember the situation of the uni and their view, its a financial gain for them to shut it.... and it seemingly doesnt have a vast number of students there, or at least, not enough to make a profit.... so to the people who make the decision - why bother to keep it there?

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