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Light from the sun

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Hello again,



One of the earlier findings behind the theory of relativity was measured distance between the sun and earth dependent on location. In the book I’m reading it isn’t too clear on this point, saying that two different people would get two different results, but because the speed of light is constant you would have to factor in a different of time levels instead of speed or distance.


Now, I’ve been pondering this for a bit between having written this email (yesterday) and having posted it. At the beginning of my pondering I was thinking that even with the speed of light remaining constant, shouldn’t time and distance still measure proportionate to one another?


Upon further pondering, (though it wasn’t explained), I’m guessing that the two times were different with the difference in distance already factored in? Is that correct? There weren’t any examples in the book.


Something like


Person A: time measured = speed of light x distance to sun (already measured from location)


Person B: time measured (not expected value in accordance with A) = speed of light x distance to sun (already measured from location)



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