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What the bible says


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No, I use my brains.

Do you? Are you skeptical of what you are told when there is no proof? Do you realize the bible is nothing but a collection of books written by storytellers? Do you seriously question any part of those books for a lack of supporting evidence?


Using reason and rational thought is using one's brains, using blind faith is using nothing but emotion.

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I have read the entire Bible at least twice. Has anyone else here read the entire Bible?

I find that book to be extremely difficult for me to read cover to cover. I've tried though. I think I've completed about 70%. I'm not exactly sure though. I myself get irritated by people using the Bible to push their agenda and yet they've never read it for themselves. They go on impressions they've formed. I plan on starting to read it again in the not to distant future.


Oh please, how can anyone know what the Bible really says? Anybody is just one of billions of interpreters with millions of interpretations about hundreds of thousands of topics. Why should I trust anyone's explanation about something with so many explanations?

Nice! Well said Phi!! :) I feel the exact same way.

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I find that book to be extremely difficult for me to read cover to cover.

Don't try to read it that way. It is a collection of books so read each of them individually as separate books. Reading through the bible as if it is a single book hops around so much that it becomes very confusing.

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