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Ants & Pheremones


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hey Jian,


I found some molecular structure of pheromone information






but it has to be (4S)-methyl-(3R)-heptanol


they did an experiment showing that only one stereo-isomer was active


only one structural version of the molecule would work with those particular type of ants

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sigh.Headaches to syntesize those pheromones.Blown 2 testubes(I had to cork them up to prevent the chemicals from evaporating) .Any ideas anyone to extract the pheromones from the ants?Currently I'm working on the weaver ant.

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I try to branch off a hydrocarbon chain with ceramics(like cracking) or introduce alkanes into the base chain.Sigh,these compunds are ridicolously complex.This time, i try to heat them indirectly.(takes so long since i can't let them boil or 'boom!')Btw,anyone got any tips on syntesizing Undecane?I also need information on the pheromones secreted by Oecophylla smaragdina(a type of weaver ant,can't find it in the pherobase)

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