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How do I make a URL without a second extension?

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For example, without .html.


Or, www.scienceforums.net/index rather than www.scienceforums.net/index.php


I've even seen it where they just keep adding deeper pages, each separated by a slash. Like so




My webpages are set up as a normal file structure. I put all .htm pages in the home folder, and images, .css, etc., in a deeper folder. Is this as simple as not giving the file an extension? For example, naming it example rather than example.htm (it just occured to me :D) If so, I still don't understand how to make one file a deeper part of the other (in the file hierarchy and resulting URL)

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There are two methods for that,


1. use URI mapping through the Web Server or the Framework, for example in Java Server, you have web.xml


2. using File System hierarchy, Where under your web root folder, every page is a folder (not a page)

named as a page, under that folder is a single page named home.xxx


http://www.scienceforums.net = http://www.scienceforums.net/home.php


.. / a / b / c = .. a / b / c / home.xxx

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