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Everything Has Its Corresponding Contrary.

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True or false ?


Chapter LIII.—Everything Has Its Corresponding Contrary.


“Therefore this division holds in all the things of the world; and as there are pious men, so there are also impious; as there are prophets, so also there are false prophets; and amongst the Gentiles there are philosophers and false philosophers. Also the Arabian nations, and many others, have imitated the circumcision of the Jews for the service of their impiety. So also the worship of demons is contrary to the divine worship, baptism to baptism, laws to the law, false apostles to apostles, and false teachers to teachers. And hence it is that among the philosophers some assert providence, others deny it; some maintain that there is one God, others that there are more than one"


Source (link removed by moderator, please see SFN forum rule 2.7 to see why).

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Moderator Note

This thread I will be closing (see here for more).

A few additional words of advice, Thomas. If you want to discuss things here, you will need to actually detail what it is you wish to talk about so that members have something to respond to. 'True or false' followed by a bible quote simply does not open the doors to any meaningful conversation.

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