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Is there a really big sex gap between male and female?


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if you can't see the pictures, full article here


Is there a really big sex gap between male and female? http://orgasmgirl.bl...ap-between.html

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Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. Most of common relationship problems people think between two genders are that they come from distinct planets. The way males fall in love is with their eyes, and the way females fall in love is with their ears. Male maybe can't understand in his whole life why so many women are full of vanity and comparing with other women. Women also feel inconceivable why men are so addicted to sex and beautiful young women. I am very serious to say that it is because they live in different frequencies and share the different values. The reason why women suffer vanity is that they are with empty soul, not only lose their selves, but also live in other people's evaluation, discussions and praise. The reason why men are addicted to sex so much is that they only care about their own like or dislike and do not care about other people's evaluation or discussion.


Frankly speaking, men are rational, and women are irrational. Male logic is more conform to the principles of game theory than female. Here I am not going to talk about the details why female are irrational, in short, women always can't get the central idea of things including sex. Here I want to talk about there is a really big sex gap between male and female from the different genital pictures, when the God created human beings.


1, What can we get from external genitalia anatomy what we called deformity?


The above picture is a comparison of the normal and abnormal female genital. Apparently, so-called abnormal female genital looks like a little boy's genitals, with an enlarged clitoris, urethra and vagina fused into one tube, two labia fused together into scrotum with a raphe in the middle. Notice here, there is also a raphe there in normal man. It shows that two pieces of scrotum didn't stick together at the beginning, but with the development of the fetus, two pieces get into fusion together. Female genital deformity, for some reasons so far unknown, just develop into the other side of gender in fertilized egg development process. It is easy to see that clitoris and penis are homologous, labia and scrotum are homologous. The above picture is male genital feminization. We can obviously see that the penis with under developed didn't grow out of the main body, and two pieces of scrotum didn't get fusion successfully in fertilized egg development process for some reasons. This abnormal male genital looks very similar with normal female genital.

The above is the development of male and female external genitalia, it is clear that in the process of development, male and female genitals are both from the same organization and structure at the beginning. Only during the development, men and women have the different ways to develop. About why women and men suffer feminization and masculinization, many experts believe that the changes of virilization or feminization are due to androgen or estrogen. I have no idea, if so, I have a question: why the probability of abnormal genital is so low? Because the androgen or estrogen is a concept of quantitative, and every body has both, only in different proportion, how do you define the proportion? If hormone is the real reason to lead deformity, the incidence of deformity should not be so low.


I don't know that, but I think there is another possibility, in the process of father's spermatogonia meiosis, some genital gene fragments of the XY chromosomes have allelic exchange partly, as the result is the gametes X or Y is not pure as normal and they get some gene fragments originally not belong to them. However, due to the male once ejaculate thousands of sperm, and the proportion of so-called abnormal sperm is very low compared with normal sperm, so it reduces very low probability of ambiguous genitalia. I think it would be a rational reason.


The left picture above is a normal female vulva anatomy, the right one is that I add something according to my situation (PS: I thought I am normal, but I just thought). I have a strong shaft up to the forefront of my pubis. Every time, I need to rub my shaft rhythmically to get my orgasm. What's more important, I can feel a little ball obviously in my right labia majora, and the left one is smaller than the right one. The location of the ball is slightly higher than clitoris, but lower than the other side of my shaft. Not only a ball, I also can feel a stem up attached to the ball. It feels like the stem to an apple, I can say that the ball grow out of my body.


Do you think that is very interesting? Yes, I think so. Let me try another perspective.

2, What can we get from internal genitalia anatomy

As it is known to all, males can't ejaculate and urinate at the same time. Current theory claimed that male body has a system that keeps it from being able to ejaculate and urinate at the same time. During sexual arousal, muscles at the base of the bladder contract in order to close off the passageway from the bladder into the urethra, the tube through which urine and semen leave the body. This makes it impossible for urine to be released during ejaculation. So, men can feel free to relax and go with the flow, because they don't pee when they come. For women, things are more complicated, it is easy to confuse the sensation of impending orgasm with the urge to pee. This is more common that women suffer urinary stress incontinence when approaching orgasm. Simply, women are really confused by the wrong feeling. In fact, female also can't ejaculate and urinate at the same time, because women also have a valve to keep it from being able to ejaculate and urinate at the same time. You will feel incredible, but it is a fact. Moreover, this valve not only can prevent women peeing during sex, but also can prevent women peeing right after the orgasm immediately, and women would obviously feel they need to wait for a few seconds to open somewhere hard to release the urine. A lot of people claim that urinary incontinence is female ejaculation. I think this theory is absurd and stupid. This is all because people can't figure out what a real female orgasm yet.

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Its worth adding some additional information and other opinions.






Lastly, according to time there are three kinds of men and women, viz., the short-timed, the moderate-timed, and the long-timed, and of these as in the previous statements, there are nine kinds of union.


But on this last head there is a difference of opinion about the female, which should be stated.


Auddalika says, "Females do not emit as males do. The males simply remove their desire, while the females, from their consciousness of desire, feel a certain kind of pleasure, which gives them satisfaction, but it is impossible for them to tell you what kind of pleasure they feel. The fact from which this becomes evident is, that males, when engaged in coition, cease of themselves after emission, and are satisfied, but it is not so with females."


This opinion is, however, objected to on the grounds that if a male be a long-timed, the female loves him the more, but if he be short-timed, she is dissatisfied with him. And this circumstance, some say, would prove that the female emits also.


But this opinion does not hold good, for if it takes a long time to allay a woman's desire, and during this time she is enjoying great pleasure, it is quite natural then that she should wish for its continuation. And on this subject there is a verse as follows:


"By union with men the lust, desire, or passion of women is satisfied, and the pleasure derived from the consciousness of it is called their satisfaction."


The followers of Babhravya, however, say that the semen of women continues to fall from the beginning of the sexual union to its end, and it is right that it should be so, for if they had no semen there would be no embryo.


To this there is an objection. In the beginning of coition the passion of the woman is middling, and she cannot bear[/url] the vigorous thrusts of her lover, but by degrees her passion increases until she ceases to think about her body, and then finally she wishes to stop from further coition.


This objection, however, does not hold good, for even in ordinary things that revolve with great force, such as a potter's wheel, or a top, we find that the motion at first is slow, but by degrees it becomes very rapid. In the same way the passion of the woman having gradually increased, she has a desire to discontinue coition, when all the semen has fallen away. And there is a verse with regard to this as follows:


"The fall of the semen of the man takes place only at the end of coition, while the semen of the woman falls continually, and after the semen of both has all fallen away then they wish for the discontinuance of coition."[33]


Lastly, Vatsyayana is of opinion that the semen of the female falls in the same way as that of the male.


Now some may ask here: If men and women are beings of the same kind, and are engaged in bringing about the same result, why should they have different works to do.


Vatsya says that this is so, because the ways of working as well as the consciousness of pleasure in men and women are different. The difference in the ways of working, by which men are the actors, and women are the persons acted upon, is owing to the nature of the male and the female, otherwise the actor would be sometimes the person acted upon, and vice versâ. And from this difference in the ways of working follows the difference in the consciousness of pleasure, for a man thinks, "this woman is united with me," and a woman thinks, "I am united with this man."


It may be said that if the ways of working in men and women are different, why should not there be a difference, even in the pleasure they feel, and which is the result of those ways.


But this objection is groundless, for the person acting and the person acted upon being of different kinds, there is a reason for the difference in their ways of working; but there is no reason for any difference in the pleasure they feel, because they both naturally derive pleasure from the act they perform.[34]


On this again some may say that when different persons are engaged in doing the same work, we find that they accomplish the same end or purpose: while, on the contrary, in the case of men and women we find that each of them accomplishes his or her own end separately, and this is inconsistent. But this is a mistake, for we find that sometimes two things are done at the same time, as for instance in the fighting of rams, both the rams receive the shock at the same time on their heads. Again, in throwing one wood apple against another, and also in a fight or struggle of wrestlers. If it be said that in these cases the things employed are of the same kind, it is answered that even in the case of men and women, the nature of the two persons is the same. And as the difference in their ways of working arises from the difference of their conformation only, it follows that men experience the same kind of pleasure as women do.


There is also a verse on this subject as follows: "Men and women being of the same nature, feel the same kind of pleasure, and therefore a man should marry such a woman as will love him ever afterwards."




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