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Comprehending reality Poe and Candid style.

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Comprehending reality Poe and Candid style.



Poe said...


If we cannot comprehend God in his visible works, how thenin his inconceivable thoughts, that call the works into being? If we cannotunderstand him in his objective creatures, how then in his substantive moodsand phases of creation?



I replace Poe’s “God” with reality or nature.



These views are what led to my apotheosis and I endorse themwholeheartedly.



When I was a seeker, before I found this clip below. I hadconcluded that reality was in the best and only state that it could be in. Thisbest state included nature as well as man within it.



When this was written, most thought it to just be a cynicalview of life but I think it is quite true and irrefutable, based on theanthropic principle.






"It is demonstrable that things cannot be otherwisethan as they are; for as all things have been created for some end, they mustnecessarily be created for the best end.”






The above quote should make sense if you see nature alwaysdoing the best it can with all the conditions at hand taken into account.



Just looking at nature and mankind then at this point intime, can we agree that what we have is the best of all possible worlds, givenall the conditions at hand?



To set you on the tract and mindset that I developed, Iwould like you to think of the day you were born.


Can you say that given all the conditions at hand back then,your DNA and all other conditions, nature produced you to the very bestcondition that she could muster?



If yes, consider that the next day let’s say, after youbegan to learned and found the teat and continued learning and developing,right till today, that the initial best you, in the best of all possible world,are continuously aging as the best thatyou can possible be, given all theconditions at hand.


Not perfect, but the best you can possibly be.



Are you living in the best of all possible world and are youtoday, the best that nature can produce, given all the conditions at hand?







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