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Point of Life


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What is the whole point of life? I want to know what people think about this. Or even if there is no point at all and we are just here. Or if there is a higher conscious level being out there with a plan? What is the Point of life?


I think its an impossible equation, if (there were an answer) then {it would certainly be pointless}...else {cease to exist entirely}


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Seems you're looking for an answer that isn't known, or maybe just one that will convince you enough to believe it.

Maybe it should be approached in a quasi-scientific way. First, by reviewing what we know:

  • We reach an age where we are able to comprehend our surroundings/reality, based on experience or what we have been told.
  • We realise we have life; we have no reason to believe we had life (based on what we know), before our physical birth.
  • Based on science or just plain analysis from our human standpoint, nothing appears to necessarily happen to our concious selves after decease, i.e. our body will stop working and decompose back into more basic star dust.

To review so far: we are born, we become concious beings, and we die. Our experiences and knowledge (as mankind) are limited when trying to explain why we live. Why would we be able to understand that we are alive, but not understand why? The idea makes human life seem a bit cruel... at least fish don't know any better... can't go insane trying to work it out, right? Or maybe we are the lucky ones.


Either way, science will never work out why we exist- at least not in the way we want to know- just how we come to be alive, within scope.


The question itself could be impossible. It could be impossible for reasons the human mind is too limited to see. Or it's improbable for the human mind to work out, ever; like a dog trying to work out algebra. It couldn't understand the calculation given to it, even if it understood that the concept of a question or how to read maths or to comprehend numerical values or paper or shapes with meanings or meaning itself.


^ rambling like this could go on infinitely without coming anywhere close to working out why we can't work out why we exist, let alone working out why we exist. Matter of fact, simple questions lead to a thousand more questions, so this is hopeless to look at with human logic.

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Perhaps the question is faulty. THE point? As if there must be only one?


Why wipe your bottom...its only going to get dirty again tomorrow. What's the point?


Point is, you don't want to walk around smelling like you would smell if you didn't wipe.


There are a whole bunch of sub-points we concern ourselves with. I doubt there is any reason to believe that there is one super point.


The "points" get larger and larger of course, to where one can devout their life to just a several or few or one. But then others have other points of focus.


Personally, the best "point" to life, I have come up with is to be, and to assist others in doing the same, and to make it possible for such to continue, after you die. And as such, getting and giving as much enjoyment as possible, for yourself and to others...doesn't seem pointless, at all.


What the universe thinks its doing is somewhat too big a concern for a "here and now" type of thing like a human. We can notice what its done up to now, and predict what its going to do next, but the unity of a single point is too too far away, in scope and size and time to actually ever "arrive at". So, given the circumstances, one could, and I do, consider that I am a little piece of the universe, whose job it is, to be me. And that's the point.


Regards, TAR2

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