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I'd like to add something to this, seeing as it is a percption question (from what I can see). If you were a bacteria living on the ball, that world would appear two dimensional, yet it would still be blue.


Therefore, if you were living on the ball, the answer would be that it is more blue than spherical.

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Well, I'm not sure if somebody posted this already (tried reading most of the threads), but more round than blue? Aren't those two things uncomparable? It's like asking if a car is more expensive than it is fast.


I'm also aware that these are the kind of things that are discussed in this forum, and but still, if you think about it, it's still uncomparable. If the ball is blue, than it is blue no matter what we perceive. If you shine a red light on the ball, the color is not going to change, only our perception of the color. Same with its roundness.

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I say that sence it is virtually impossable(as far as my knowladge) to create a perfect sphere. therefore if it was a perfect blue according to the spectrum it would infact be more blue than spherical



NOTE I dont know if you could make perfect blue.

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Would it make any differance if it were black and square? The answer would be the same.


Naturally our perception would see the colour first. Then the shape.


Like when I get awoken in the morning with the light going on. My perception senses light then shapes.


And if it's hollow.. It has more chance to be deformed/reshaped by the lack of strength.

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Assuming that the ball reflects a wavelength of 470 nanometres, assuming that it is 100% spherical, these are what you have to solve to answer the question.


470 = 100%

470 < 100%

470 > 100%


Sadly, these equations/inequalities are completely impossible to solve. The two values are of different data types, and this question is scientifically invalid.

Looking at it from a logical standpoint, this question is unanswerable. Although the sphericaly of the object could potentially have a TRUE/FALSE answer, (from 0% to 100%) or a more true/less true answer, the color of the object is purely qualitative and cannot be classified as more true/less true.

So the answer is:


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