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Racially-motivated Prison Rapes

Anders Hoveland

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The only way to stop prison-rape is to put all inmates in a comatose state while they serve their sentence. Sadly, this practice will never happens because human-society is sadistic and wants to cause as much suffering to individuals as possible. People want to make other people suffer. Prison-rape is one of the ways society gets pleasure from observing the stronger abuse the weaker. That is why prisons were invented in the 1st place. It's not to make an inmate a "better" person but rather to make the sadists who run the prison-system salivate to the horrific mistreatment of weaker bubbas by stronger bubbas.


If prisons did that though, would people really stop committing crimes?

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More than now. With status quo, you end up with a bunch of out-of-control ex-cons who are angry at the "system" because they were raped in prison.


That does happen, but do you have a better solution for trying to get people to not commit crimes? There's not much of an incentive to not commit a crime if your just going some place to be coddled.

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It's not limited to America. It happens all over the world in almost equal amounts.


Not true. It happens in America - but not to anywhere near the same extent in Canada. No respected research has shown it as a problem in UK and Europe. It happens in Australia but not in New Zealand. Prison rape is not well understood - and one of the reason it is still not understood is the variability.

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