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Burning energy

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So I get that your body burns energy, but on the treadmill I have to take quite a few steps before I burn a whole calorie and I very very highly doubt that the energy contained in raising a mere cubic centimeter of water by 1 degree is enough energy to move my body 10 feet at 10 miles per hour.

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Soo I guess I would ask.... is the Calorie count on the tread mill... Calories.. or calories.... (C = kilo)

if its kilo... then I would feel better when working out.


if weight loss is my goal... I would eat less...

we burn 2000 a day doing nothing.

so every hour that we starve we loose about one ounce of fat... one pound of fat has about 3000 Calories.

thats 2/3 of a pound a day.


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