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Question about reducing agents

Really Lost

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I did a test with the below question


Which of the following is a reducing agent?


a. cyclohexanol

b. Na2CO3

c. MgSO4

d. NaOCl


I couldnt figure out the answer



I understood the following about each compound

cyclohexanol is an alcohol and might be the product of a reduction

Na2Co3 is a base sometimes used in acid neutralization

MgSO4 I believe is a drying agent

NaOCl is an oxidizing agent


I thought there might have been a mistake in the question


Anyone know what the correct answer should have been?

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No mistake, the answer is in there. It would be prudent for you to give yourself a definition of what a reducing agent is as well as what it does and then go through and see if any of the listed compounds can act in such a capacity.


Since if we have a reaction where cyclohexanol is oxidized by NaOCl. Can we assume that cyclohexanol is the reducing agent? Since the reducing agent is supposed to get oxidized by the oxidizer in an oxidation-reduction reaction.

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