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O say can you see, the U. S. Oligarchy?

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O say can you see, the U. S. Oligarchy?



The U. S. is on sale. Buy it while it’s hot.



O say can you see,


by the dawn's early light,


what so proudly we hailed


we now proudly renounce.











Plato theorized that democracies, as they matured, evolvedinto oligarchies or plutocracies. We are witnessing exactly that.



When the new political election funding laws came intoeffect, the U. S. democratic system became an oligarchy or plutocracy. Billionairesare now buying political candidates and are in fact buying the leadership ofthe nation. They are now the power behind the throne and control the governmentand thus the people. Now, instead of working 9 to 5, Americans are working24/7.



When did the U. S. devolve from the leading democracy of theWest, to a tyranny up for sale?








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