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How to create Hydrogen Gas/storing?


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Tell me if this is sound logic. So if I pretty much wanted to create hydrogen gas to experiment with. I would need a battery setup running a conduit of negative and both positive. With two stainless steel or maybe platinum "electrodes".The electrodes will be both placed into water with either salt or acid. The hydrogen gas will be generated by the cathode. (negatively charged electrode) What are the conditions I would have too have available to store hydrogen gas?


I can picture something like, very large test tubes hung upside down with 2 electrodes in place. This would be on the bottom with a workable drainage/airtight cork of some kind. Very slowly I could release the eletrolytic water while the hydrogen will stay on top. I would have in the positive test tube, oxygen while the negative will contain hydrogen?



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Thank's hypervalent_iodine for fixing.

I know hydrogen gas is easy to make. Hydrochloric acid and zinc, or electrolysis of salt/acid based water. The real question I need answered by you fine gentlemen. Is how does one store hydrogen gas, I need a crude, "but" safe way. I don't want to be making loud booms on my garage workbench :D

On a side note, I recall a friend of mine trying to synthesize small amounts of Nitroglycerin. Well he did not store it properly, and while he was at work. A mouse or critter of some kind knocked the ampule over. His 8k work bench with materials was destroyed with a boom that freaked out the neighbors. Needless to say he came home with police waiting for him, wanting to question what was going on. lol

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Your electrodes can be graphite, obtained from a 1.5V saline battery. Wash your hands afterwards!

Use an acid, since salt would produce chlorine or rather hypochloride.

Gases are produced at separate locations so they recombine little.

Any amount of hydrogen produced by this method is not dangerous. Keep it in the tube.

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