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I need advice on selection of a material for a control valve diaphragm that will be used in industrial aplications.

My thoughts are I should use rubber but what type of rubber would be best.

So far after researching I have found the following rubbers that might be usefull:

ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber

Polyurethane rubber

Silicone rubber

Or natural rubber (bit unsure about this, read it lacks in resistance to oxygen)


That is the rubbers I have researched on and they seemed to be apropriate for diaphragm, what one would be best? Is there any better I could be using which will not be very high cost?


Neoprene is fairly common and should work well. EPDM that you mention above is better in some environments.


Make sure whatever you pick is good for the environment (temperature, chemical, UV etc) you are using it in.


Check with a supplier or corrosion guide.

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Sorry just didnt want to bump the thread for saying thank you, but I have a new question.

The grade I am thinking of is GW, would this be a combination of both G and W properties?

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