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Literature review


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Hey guys,


Don't know if you can help, but I'm doing a literature review at the moment for my bachelorthesis.

Since it's for my bachelor, the review doesn't have to be exhaustive, but I have to build a framework and discuss some relevant literature in the field.


Part of my project is the relationship between large organizations and their foreign subsidiaries.

I'm searching for literature right now, but my question is:


There are thousands of articles available on that topic. Without reading them all, how can I develop an understanding of the most recent, and most influential findings?

How do I know which articles contain the leading theories in the field?

How do I know which articles contain the most relevant frameworks or concepts?


Thanks in advance :)

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Usually only with experience. If you work on a field and with a specific perspective, certain works will crystallize out to be the important ones. Another indicator are citation rates, though they generally do increase with the age of the papers (and then often decline again, when they are outdated).

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