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Greetings! I was working on my current Java program today in Eclipse and got confused with what I had made (I know!) with all of the differences between console and GUI. So, I found a way to have an instance of a console box with GUI, which is exactly what I need. Here is the link : LINK. I have it working, except for one exception. There is a thing that the author of that has written: to change his file of IoEscape to a Try/Catch. I tinkered around, but couldn't figure out how to do that. You will see once you read the article. Please help me get this to work! Thank you in advance!


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I can tell you the hard way to build a Java app with a User Interface, through writing codes


The easy way I use to build Java app with a UI, is using Netbeans IDE the Java SE edition


It's very simple, just follow the steps in the pictures:


Step 1: Launch Netbeans IDE


Step 2: File > New Project



Step 3: Categories:Java > Projects:Java Desktop Application



Step 4: Design your interface using drag-and-drop, and link them using the code



Note: the last snapshot is from a project I've finished, in the picture you can see JTable (Java Table UI component)

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