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help a student, who is falling behind


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Hello everyone!


It's not really a homeowork, but it fits perfectly in this forum category....Actually, today when I went to school, my teacher annouced that I have failded my biology test, and I got 59 out of 100.


So I am posting this thread becasue I don't want to fail my reaget, which is very soon.. And I don't want to get lower grades in the the coming semesters... So could anyone please give me biology studying tips, so I could get grades. And if you could help me understand the whole Living Enviroment thingy, so it would be greatly apreciated!!!


Please don't think that I am the worst student ever... last year I had the average of 87.05, which is not that bad, And I had the highest average in my Math class. But I don't know why I don't like sciecne, or why I can't get good grades in my science class...


Any help would be greatly apreciated!!


Thanks in advacne!!

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Biology is a science where almost every fact has its exceptions.


However, the study tips for biology are applicable to school, life, and everyday events.


1) Know the terms of the topic you're studying about. This could mean memorizing key terms through flash cards. If you don't know the words, you can't know what you're talking about.


2) If you're studying out of a textbook that has a summary of the chapter or key points of the chapter somewhere in the chapter, you should read it before and after reading the actual chapter. Reading it before the chapter gives you a general idea of what you're going to be studying about. Reading it afterwards reminds you of the general idea.


3) If your class has labs, read the instructions carefully and draw diagrams to remind yourself how to do the lab. If the lab comes with lab questions, think about these lab questions. Make a pre-lab hypothesis based on what you know.


4) Ask your teacher for help if they give help after school or at lunch.


Biology can be pretty cool. I remember one project my teacher assigned called the Bug Project. I collected, classified, pinned, and mounted bugs for display. It was pretty cool since I got to go to the parks and enjoy nature for a couple of hours.


You say that your teacher announced your grade. I hope this wasn't aloud so that the whole class could hear. If it bothers you, tell your teacher that it does. I don't think that teachers can just tell your grade to anyone, at least that's the way in my school. If you got the highest average in your math class, it's obvious to me you're smart.

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basically work for it.


when you get home what do you do? go and play? watch TV?


how about working before that.


i find that as soon as i turn my computer on i wont work for long. so do the work BEFORE the computer is even on at all.

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i'm posting this reply may not coonect with biology in any way, but this is my experience on how to get the work down. I strongly agree with 5614 that as soon as you turn on the computer you get distracted, and you want to go on to all these web sites that excites you the most. My finals is next week, and I have to be 120% be ready for that, so this might be the last several replies I going to post in next few days. Because i am going to shut down my computer starting tomorrow. I will put myself into a situation where nothign can really bother me, to able to create a environment where i can truely concentrate on my study. i have no option and i believe my self that i will get a 100% on my math finals, and a high A in my phyics and english calss. pay attention i said i will do it but i didn't say i might do it. there is a key difference, and that's something in which i learned from a friend of my who is a teacher. i have and must believe myself that i can do this, and that is very important for an individual. hope you do well with the best of the luck.

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If your teacher gives lectures, get 2 notebooks, take notes in class in the "sloppy notebook".


When you go home, transfer them in outline form into the "neat notebook", where they are organized and readable. If there are parts you didn't understand, go to your textbook and refine your comprehension.


I have a sort of photographic memory, especially for what I have written. When it came time to take an exam, I could "see" my notebook in front of me and write down word for word what the teacher had said. Until I explained to him how I did it, he thought I was cheating.

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I'm quite surprised nobody mentioned this, but with topics like math and physics, by far the best way of revising for an exam is to do the past papers you get given; or do some exercises out of a book, or something. It's all very well and good remembering the stuff you've been given, but if you do not know how to apply it in an exam situation, then you're likely to screw up a bit.

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(When did the last cycle end?)


Have you ever heard of an "A HA" experience - when you "get it" and it is like someone turned the lightbulb on in your brain? To me, those experiences could be compared to a "runner's high". It makes you feel so good about yourself you want to work harder and do better so you will have more of them!


Work really hard on "getting it". Once you learn to focus, new stuff will build on old and you will continue to excell. (And continue to get those "A Ha's") Let us know how you do next cycle.

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I liked to make study sheets, writing down the terms and their definitions and the like. It helped me memorize the stuff better. I did good in high school bio becasue I loved the class, but this helped me as well. Also you can go to sites that have trivia(http://www.funtrivia.com) quizzes and take short bio quizzes, or check out the general bio forum on this site. Hope this helps!


Good luck


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Well, I don't wana talk about the last cycle. I know why I failed bio because I wasn't studying, and was just talking to my friends during the class... Anyway, it turned that lightbulb on in my brain and now I am the best student in biology and also in the other classes.


Here are the scores I got on the tests that I took last week.

  1. Math - 108 / 100 - that was the heighest score in my math class
  2. Biology - 88 / 100 - it wasn't the highest score but I am still happy with what I got.. :)
  3. Business - Test #1 - 100 / 100 and Test #2 100 / 100

PS: I think this thread should be pinned for the future reference if someone falls behind and trys to catch up. It would a great source of information for him.. :)



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