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Connecting laptop to desktop


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I assume you're using a crossover cable?


It's quite a big question to answer without more info really. Once you've got the machines physically connected through their NIC's you will need to configure a LAN. You can either do this manually or if you are using Windows XP you can use the network configuration wizard (spit!).

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I tried to configure the netrwork but weird things were happeneing.

I could ping my desktop from my laptop but couldn't ping my laptop from my desktop.

I tried all sorts of diferent IP addresses and tried to set teh gateway on either of the two but the same thing kept happeneing again and again.

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make sure your typing all the right gateway data correctly:

start > run > cmd > ipconfig /all

type that 'ipconfig /all' into CMD, that'll tell you all the right details.


remember to cfigure your firewall to allow for network connections.


just check though all the IP, DNS, gateway, subnet masks and all of that stuff for a start.

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