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i'm a newbie in machine learning looking for the best way to perform prediction for my biological data. am thinking of using ensemble methods like Random Forest. My issue is, can i ensemble Random Forest with other single classifier such as bayesian network or K-Nearest neighbor? If so, what is the best tool for this. Thanks

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You need to clarify some things:


1. What exactly is your biological data, and how they're represented in your model\system ?


2. What is the problem you are trying to solve, elaborate in essence of input and output.


3. "Random Forest", it's Random Walk


4. "With a single classifier such as Bayesian Network or K-Nearst Neighbors", statistical classifier function

learn (train the model, update the model tables) based on input sample. see Wikipedia:Statistical Classification


I've worked previously on Machine Learning using Markov Chains and Dynamic Programming, if you want to know about it.

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